Modern Art, A journey through the mind — Oil painting as self-discovery

“Breakthrough” 2020— Monica Antohi — Oil on pre-stretched canvas — 150 cm x 100 cm

In January 2020 I found myself staring at a huge blank canvas and wondering, for the first time in my life, how can I get unstuck, how do I move past the things that have been holding me back?

Like a lot of us, when the confinement started, I felt like pulling in, contracting, creating a cocoon and wrapping myself up in layers of comfort, yoga, TV, books, and cashmere socks. My brain decided otherwise. I was to have a breakthrough.

With this painting, I first started working on it horizontally. It demanded a lot of deep greens, deep purples and ultramarine blue, with a nice, round splash of pale yellow, cracks in the surface of the paint, harsh white breaking through the darkness, yet somehow with…

How not to ruin your advertising

I moved to Switzerland about a year ago, and the English Editor in me has been having a difficult time with all the “English” content and conversations around here.

Let me explain.

In our day and age, English is spoken across the world in a lot of business meetings and gatherings, as companies become more and more international by incorporating talents from across the globe. Most people’s choice in a second language is English, so we ended up with non-native English speakers speaking English, or at least their version of English. These same people…

Aren’t you tired of paying the ever-increasing fees on Upwork to access new clients?

Photo by Oliur

In 2020, when most office work is going remote and digital, consulting/freelancing is one of the best options for any marketing/accounting/creative professional outside of the corporate world. Well, at least it used to be a good option.

I’ve been consulting/freelancing/working for myself since 2007, with an ever-increasing number of clients, projects and sub-contractors.

I’ve started with one local client that knew me personally, and I built my first dynamic website on for his company, way back in 2007. …

Your office sent you home and trusted you that you’ll continue to contribute. Great! That takes care of about 8–10 hours in your day. What will you do with the rest?

If you answer it with I will learn something new, this article has a few suggestions for you.

First off, you’ll be sleeping in a bit more, then you’ll be enjoying the coffee maker you’ve bought months ago but never got a chance to open it, then you’ll realize that your home office chair is not that great, and then probably change clothes a few times per day to…

and we’re all experiencing varying levels of emptiness right now…

Photo by Eric Ward

Give yourself the gift of quiet, introspection, and renewal.

We’re being confronted with our own mortality during this COVID-19 coronavirus global crisis. That’s why a lot of us are staying home, not wanting to get others sick. And this staying home, working from home, social distancing thing is bringing on a lot of anxiety for some. This anxiety stems from this lack of external input, from lack of validation, from the emptiness… feelings of loneliness, separateness and perceived distance from our fellow human beings…

I’d like to explore this feeling of emptiness and look at it, not as something that we need to fill all the time, but look…

Or how #covid19 changed the conference world…

UPDATE May 1st:

ALL 2020 IN-PERSON conferences have been canceled.

We’re working on updating the list with the new digital versions if and when the companies make that move.

2020 is the Year of CHANGE!

Here are the conferences to attend this year to discover who you are, find your tribe, grow personally and professionally. There’s business, tech, economy, art, finance, startups, energy, AI, and lots of creativity.

This year as compared to the previous year, a lot of conferences have moved around, sometimes by days and sometimes by months and continents. This will give you the chance to explore even more cities as before. Enjoy and happy learning.


CES — Jan. 5–10 — Las Vegas, NV
CES is the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. …

The age of A.I. is here

Photo by Matthew Henry

We can’t seem to stop talking about AI and automation. But the thing to keep in mind is that AI, which is really better described as augmented intelligence more than actual artificial intelligence at this point, cannot exist without Big Data. What we currently categorize as AI is basically a set of complex algorithms layered upon massive amounts of data (big data). Having access to Big Data, or in layman’s terms, looking at the results from this data extrapolation based on our search algorithm, can give marketers an understanding of customer behavior, buying patterns…

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

or PPC 101

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors, and how do you deliver your life-changing products to the people that need it?

The answer is simple.

Your marketing message! Starting with branding, messaging and storytelling, consistency across all content channels, and yes, PPC! You need to bring awareness about your product via a combination of both organic and paid traffic.

There’s no debate as to one versus the other. You need both, organic and paid. In this article, we’re focusing on how to engage your audience with paid traffic, specifically PPC.

First off, what is PPC? PPC, short for pay…

Imagine walking into the Mos Eisley Cantina, on Tatooine, without a language translator. You want to catch a ride off that rock before the Imperial Forces come a’calling. Without a translator, you cannot communicate with anybody, and you’ll probably get shot in the process.

Sending your marketing message out to everyone on your list and plastering it all over social media and search engines, the mass marketing, without customer segmentation is like shouting a loud message that nobody understands or wants to hear. This is a total waste of your marketing budget.

What marketing segmentation does is separate the entire…

Did Video Ads Kill the Written Content Star?

Video killed all other content. In ratings. In engagement. In returns. But don’t be mad at video. It’s your best card in the marketing deck.

Today’s consumer wants to be able to connect with the brands before they even make a buying decision. Here is where we, as marketers, have a massive and distinctive advantage with video ads.

Videos have a built-in advantage: they engage emotionally with the viewer. Music alone can trigger emotions, can inspire positive and negative moods. Through emotional contagion, music can infect those that watch/listen with a new feeling. And that’s just the music.

The visual part adds yet another layer of emotion. We know that humans respond positively to images of babies, and baby animals. Some of the most viewed…

Monica Antohi

1. Creator, Visionary, Writer, Editor of ideas & stories. 2. Digital Marketer with a passion for quality Content & Neuromarketing.

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